Website Basics Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Welcome to the first course of the 'Responsive website development and design' specialisation!
Learning Objectives
Create a simple web page using HTML
Use CSS to control text styles and layout
Use CSS libraries such as bootstrap to create responsive layouts
Use JavaScript variables and functions
Modify web page content using JavaScript
Use Javascript to respond to user input

(00:00) Course introduction
(01:07) Overview
(01:42) Web basics
(06:36) Set up the dev environment
(12:42) Write some HTML
(19:04) Build a Nav bar
(28:55) Images and lists
(37:11) Properly structured documents
(44:07) The world's first web page revisited
(47:50) What does 'responsive' mean?
(50:12) HTML summary
(50:35) Overview
(51:03) External CSS file
(57:39) Fonts
(1:04:18) Customising links
(1:07:19) Layout control
(1:13:30) CSS media queries
(1:21:41) Install Bootstrap
(1:26:09) Responsive grid
(1:34:54) CSS summary
(1:35:29) Overview
(1:35:53) Introduction to JavaScript
(1:40:55) Responding to mouse clicks
(1:47:03) The Console
(1:54:23) Manipulating HTML elements
(2:04:20) Script tag
(2:14:37) Anonymous functions
(2:24:31) Image gallery example
(2:34:15) Beginning JavaScript summary

Web design
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