Web Pages Development Course by Algorithmics

Teaching website creation skills as a competitive advantage each child should have
Today, everyone who wants the world to know about them, their business, services, company, or their passion needs to have a website.
Whatever your child chooses to become in the future, knowing how to create websites will give them a competitive advantage.

We not only teach kids to write code, but also to make websites stylish and easy-to-use – to combine colors, establish good composition, select fonts, and think about paths used by the user

The kids choose themselves what their site will be about and create their own unique design; the teachers help them to realize their ideas in practice 

We don't do tests and we don't present answers at the chalkboard, instead we apply what we've learned in practice straight away, by creating projects and bringing our own little dreams to life

Your child will learn
Come up with concepts for websites and design a structure for them

Develop designs in Figma and create websites in the block-based builder, Wix

Write HTML and CSS code, and publish their website using GitHub Pages

Create designs for interfaces, taking into account UX and UI principles

Adapt their site for mobile devices

Once they've mastered the main development tools, our students come together in teams and create websites with multiple pages.

In the process, the children learn how to discuss their ideas, reach agreement with each other, distribute tasks, and also to give and receive feedback.

Our kids create mini-projects right from their first lessons, applying the knowledge they've gained in practice

The curriculums for all our courses are developed by a team of professional educators, pedagogues and psychologists

Algorithmics' teachers talk to the kids in understandable language, love their subject and know how to captivate children

Our IT learning platform is 3 in 1: it's a smart task book, an environment for creating projects, and a community of shared interests

Kids share their projects with their classmates directly in the platform, and learn to give and receive feedback

At the end of each module, they present a full individual or group project
Web design
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