Web Development Tutorial in Hindi - Web Development Using Python and Flask

Get Ready to Become Web Developer and start creating websites for yourself and other Businesses.

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Topics with Time are Given Below
00:00 Intro
03:00 How we can create website (Car Example)
10:25 How to Access this Course
10:36 What is Machine Learning
12:37 Why Flask for Web Development
15:08 Course Execution (How you can Learn from this course)
16:43 Our Support (How to Solve Code Bugs and Errors)

17:50 Welcome to Web Development using Flask
19:27 How website work
22:01 Getting Started with HTML

22:10 Get VS Code Installation Tutorial from Top right Info Card
26:38 Understating of HTML Tags
31:54 What is HTML , CSS and JAVA Script
37:17 Body of Website
44:05 Case Sensitive
47:11 Use Image in Your Website
51:17 Important Tags in HTML
55:53 Second Page of Website using HTML
58:53 List in HTML (Ordered and Unordered List)
1:03:17 Table in HTML
1:08:15 Difference between Div and Span tag in HTML
1:12:05 Create Form using HTML

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Web design
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