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Another awesome workshop from Duo Learn and we're really excited to have you all here. Our goal is to build a community-driven and interactive learning experience which results in making great software engineers.

Since many of you wanted a proper roadmap on web development we thought doing this for this weekend would be great.

We also have a private social media community where we share all our current and upcoming announcement and updates. We would really encourage you to join our community with these link

discord: https://bit.ly/duo_discord
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telegram: https://bit.ly/duo_telegram
instagram: https://bit.ly/duo_instagram

In this workshop, you'll learn about
✓ Where and how to get started with web dev.
✓ Do’s and dont’s, while learning.
✓ What makes a great developer.
✓ How to succeed in web development career.

We can't wait to kick start this two days workshop with you all. Let's meet on the 18th of June from 5pm to 6pm.
Web design
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