Web Development Roadmap 2022 | Roadmap Full Stack Developer 2022 | How To Become A Web Developer?

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A Complete Guide For Roadmap To Web Development 2022 | Complete Full Stack Web Development Roadmap 2022 From My Personal Experience In IT Industry.

An Ideal Strategy For Students, Fresher Or Experienced, who wants to become a Web Developer.

In this video, I will explain the full roadmap to web developers. From Choosing the perfect programming language and its respective frameworks to the deployment of the projects on Production. A Complete Full Stack developer guide 2022.
Web Developer 2022
Full Stack Web Developer Guide 2022
How To Become Web Developer 2022

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Watch the video till the end, hope you enjoy the video.
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00:00 - Introduction To Backend Developer 2022
00:42 - What Do You Mean By Full Stack Web Development?
01:16 - Frontend Development
03:49 - Backend Development
07:58 - MEAN And MERN Stack
08:55 - Databases (SQL/NoSQL)
10:41 - Deployment (Hosting Platforms)
11:31 - Web Servers
11:44 - Containerization (Docker/Kubernetes)
12:22 - CI/CD Pipelines(Jenkins)
12:51 - Version Control Systems (Git/Github)
13:58 - Conclusion


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