web development module 4 lesson 10 using browser console for testing JS

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In this lesson of web development module 4, we will learn how to use a browser console to quickly test your javascript codes and skills.
The Browser Console is like the Web Console but applied to the whole browser rather than a single content tab. So it logs the same sorts of information as the Web Console - network requests, JavaScript, CSS, security errors and warnings, and messages explicitly logged by JavaScript code. ------------------------------------------------
زموږ کوشش دا ده چې پښتنه دی په مورنۍ ژبه کی زده کړه وکړي. که تاسو زمونږداکوشش خوښوئ، نو مهرباني وکړئ د ویډیوز او چینل دا نورو خلقوته وارسوي اوزمونږ سره په دی مشن کی ملاتړ وکړئ
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