Web Development (HTML CSS) From Scratch | Complete Front End Development Tutorial | Pure HTML & CSS

The best way to learn HTML5 and CSS3 is to start at the beginning and work your way up to making mobile-first, responsive website layouts!

What you’ll learn
Pure HTML & CSS From Scratch

Make money as an HTML5 and CSS3 developer in 2021.
Learn how to build and design responsive websites with media queries.
Learn how to use HTML5 Semantic Elements to make layouts.
Build real projects, like a mobile-friendly website for your agency.
Learn the basics of HTML and CSS so that you can make front-end experiences with your own unique styling.
Get a ton of tips, tricks, tools, and resources to help you improve your skills.

HTML5 and CSS3 is a course that teaches you how to build and design mobile-first, responsive websites. It includes all of the HTML elements and CSS properties you need to know to build and design these kinds of websites. You’ll learn how to use Media Queries to design websites for different types of mobile and tablet devices based on their widths and different breakpoints. You’ll also learn how to make navigation menus for responsive websites. To learn as quickly as possible and make your own styling tweaks to real-world projects, you’ll get a ton of tips, tricks, and resources.

To start your career or business in development or design, sign up for the course today. You’ll learn HTML and CSS to get your career or business started.

Introduction- 00:00:00
Creating An HTML Document- 00:01:03
Setting Up Your Text Editor with VS Code- 00:03:47
HTML Document Type- 00:17:08
HTML Paragraphs & Comments- 00:27:34
HTML Headings- 00:30:31
HTML Text Formatting- 00:33:32
HTML Links- 00:38:07
HTML Images & File Paths- 00:44:07
HTML Attributes- 00:54:13
HTML Unordered Lists- 00:57:47
HTML Ordered Lists- 01:00:59
HTML Tables- 01:02:54
HTML Forms – Introduction 01:08:01
HTML Forms – Elements- 01:11:36
HTML Forms - Input Types- 01:22:46
HTML Forms - Contact Form Example- 01:26:16
HTML Block & Inline Elements- 01:30:43
HTML Classes & IDs- 01:35:08
HTML Audio- 01:42:39
HTML Video- 01:45:29
Introduction to CSS- 01:47:24
CSS Syntax- 01:50:36
Inline, Internal & External CSS Styling- 01:54:58
CSS Comments- 02:01:36
CSS Fonts- 02:03:35
CSS Sizing- 02:20:29
CSS Colors- 02:26:36
CSS Backgrounds- 02:40:24
CSS Borders- 02:50:25
CSS Box Model- 03:04:44
CSS Floats & Alignment- 03:18:45
CSS Buttons- 03:26:00
CSS Icons with Font Awesome- 03:41:37
CSS Media Queries- 03:53:20
CSS Mobile First Columns Layout- 04:04:37
Responsive Navigation Menu Project 1- 04:15:08
HTML5 Semantics Layout Activity project 2: 04:32:04
Introduction HTML5 Agency Website Project- 04:44:41
Agency Starter Files Overview- 04:49:40
HTML Meta Tags & Favicon- 04:50:42
CSS Reset Styling- 04:57:25
Header & Navigation Menu HTML: 5:00:18
Header & Navigation Menu CSS: 05:07:02
Navigation Menu Media Query- 05:22:06
Image Slider HTML- 05:34:44
Image Slider CSS- 05:36:01
Wrapper & Intro Section HTML- 05:50:01
Wrapper & Intro Section CSS- 05:53:08
Three Column Section HTML- 05:58:16
Three Column Section CSS- 05:05:17
Two Column Section HTML- 06:13:01
Two Column Section CSS- 06:15:19
Footer Section HTML: 06:17:48
Font Awesome Icons HTML- 06:23:42
Footer Section CSS- 06:29:35
Font Awesome Icons CSS- 06:33:58
Socket Section HTML & CSS- 06:39:27
Responsive Media Queries- 06:43:00
Adding Pages & Project Completion- 06:48:18
W3C HTML & CSS Validation- 06:50:42
How to put your website online- 06:55:20

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