Web Development Coding Bootcamp Tokyo | Le Wagon Demo Day - Winter 2022

For the fifth time in Tokyo, our part-time and full-time web development bootcamp students pitch together!

20 students started their part-time adventure with us back in September 2021, with 18 full-time ones joining them on stage for this Demo Day combo.

Check out the 10 full-stack web applications they built with Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Stimulus.js, Heroku, OCR, APIs... and more!

Discover our ten web apps this time:
NeighborHud - Keep your community safe 1:15
Melodict - Make music together 7:22
TraQ - Emergency response and tracking 16:05
MyEnglishSpeech - Your words, perfected 21:38
Styleasy - Your shortcut to the fitting room 31:11
Chirpy - Towards a more positive future 38:27
Taktivent - Make your own events 44:27
CareAround - Find your skincare doppelganger 52:39
TwoByFour - Beats into your brain 58:47
de.Bored - Break the awkward silence 1:05:24

Do you want to find out about our web development full-stack curriculum and what Tokyo has to offer?
Learn more on: https://www.lewagon.com/tokyo/web-development-course/full-time
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