Web Development Coding Bootcamp Tokyo | Le Wagon Demo Day - Spring 2022

18 students joined our Le Wagon Tokyo Spring 2022 Web Development bootcamp, the 21st session in Tokyo and 858th for Le Wagon worldwide. Check out the 5 projects they built with Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, Javascript, StimulusJS, APIs, PWA, OCR and more... in only 2 weeks!

Discover our five web apps this time:
AllyMaps - Plan your trips around your needs 1:27
Will - Make a will easier 10:24
Photo Ronin - Create off the beaten path itineraries 18:46
Nurture - Nurturing insight and engagement 24:32
MedRec - Take your health with you 32:28

Do you want to find out about our web development full-stack curriculum and what Tokyo has to offer?
Learn more on: https://www.lewagon.com/tokyo
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