Web Development Coding Bootcamp Tokyo | Le Wagon Demo Day - Fall 2021

22 students joined our Le Wagon Tokyo Fall 2021 Web Development bootcamp, the 19th session in Tokyo and 728th for Le Wagon worldwide. Check out the 6 projects they built with Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, Javascript, APIs, PWA, OCR and more... in only 2 weeks!

Discover our four web apps this time:
RaibuOn - Support local musicians 2:37
Nouyuu - Helping you grow your crops 9:23
Kikoe+ - Promoting high school students' well-being 15:57
GymAI - Your personal 24/7 Gym Coach 23:22
The Blender - Responsible tourism and microfinance in action 28:44
TrainEQ - Get a feel for your meetings 36:38

Do you want to find out about our web development full-stack curriculum and what Tokyo has to offer?
Learn more on: https://www.lewagon.com/tokyo
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