Web Development Basics - First Website (4/10)

This is video 4/10 of my video-series about the basics of web development. The series explains the basic concepts of structure, styling and behavior of a web application.

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In the previous session we installed Chrome and Visual Studio Code,

Now it's time to use them to create our first website. We developers call this first step “Hello World” because whenever we touch a new technology, the first step will always be to check if we can make it say “Hello World”. It's polite, don't you think?

First we will create a folder somewhere on our computer. It doesn't matter where. I will put it here in my home directory but you can also put it on your desktop or wherever. I will name it joke generator because this is what the website will do.

What we created here is an HTML document. We will have a look at that in detail in the next session. For now, let’s just enjoy what is happening. The browser reads the document and converts the structured content into a rendered display. The human visitor of the site does not want to see the markup parts, he just wants to see the finished result.

In this session we created our first HTML document. We wrote this markup in our Visual Studio Code (which is our IDE) and we tested it in the Chrome Browser. Chrome’s development tools allowed us to have a look at the network traffic and the loaded document.

In the next session we will have a closer look at what HTML actually is. See you there!
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