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Today I have something for you that is a little bit more bland that what we're used to here. However, I think it's important. On this channel, we talk about professional web development. Unfortunately, there's a problem in the web development industry whereby 'marketing companies' are approaching site owners and convincing site owners that 'the last guy did a bad good'.

This is an industry wide problem that affects professional developers all over the world. So, now I'm tackling this issue head on. Therefore, in this video I'm going to give you the precise message that I'm now giving to all of my web development clients - moving forward. I'm going to encourage all professional developers to copy this message and use it for themselves. I can also confirm that I'm going to be giving all of my clients a link to this video and I will - of course - be happy to respond to any questions or comments.

Let us never forget, the customer is king! I'll say it again. The customer is KING. As professionals, we must ALWAYS work with our customers' best interests at heart. We must also respect the fact that it's a free marketplace and your customers are free to access the marketplace as they please. Unfortunately, however, if our customers get seduced by faceless marketing teams then they will not be our customers for much longer.

So, I want to stress that this information is posted positively, in a spirit of gratitude, optimism and with the best intentions of the client as a priority.

I encourage all professional developers to copy my message, modify as required, and pass it onto their own clients.

Here's the message:


This web app has full technical support until XXXX, based on the following conditions:

Any technical or design related conversations with any other IT professional(s)
relating to this web app must include the developer or - at the very least - have the developer's approval in advance. In this case, I am the developer (and this is David Connelly writing).

I define 'technical and design related' as being anything that potentially involves either HTML, JavaScript, CSS and/or PHP code being modified in this web app. I define an 'IT professional' as anyone who earns revenue by charging for website or IT related services such as; design, development, adwords, search engine optimsation and other marketing endeavours.

Unfortunately, there is a huge problem in the web development industry with 'marketing companies' approaching site owners, convincing the site owner that the developer did a bad job and then ultimately convincing the site owner to abandon their developer - all without the developer being asked any questions or having any opportunity to offer a retort.

In the past I have personally lost some great clients because of this kind of behaviour. When that happens, my ability to earn an honest living is harmed and my good clients end up getting stuck with substandard work that has been carried out by faceless rogues.

The reason why I insist on being included in potential conversations with other IT professionals is merely so that I have a fair opportunity to respond - personally - to any potentially negative critique of my work that might potentially be offered.

As developer, I do not claim any ownership of this web app. The owners this web app are free to work with or hire whomever they like - this includes seeking a second opinion about whether or not the developer has done a good job. All I'm insisting upon is that I have an opportunity to be included in those kinds of conversations. If I’m not included in those kinds of conversations then it’s quite literally impossible for me to remain in business.

If I discover that any conversations relating to this web app have taken place with an IT professional without me having an opportunity to participate then all technical support guarantees from my end will be immediately revoked.

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