Web Developer Challenge 2021 | Ready To Challenge The Developer In You? [Details In Description]

Web Developer Challenge 2021 is here. It's time to challenge the developer in you.

We are conducting a contest to find skilled developers and give them free internship to nurture their skills.

1st Prize Money - ₹3000
& 2 Month Internship For First 3 Participants at Spotix Pvt Ltd (https://spotix.co/)

Topic - Food

1. Use copyright-free images.
2. No limit in no. of pages. (Quality Matters)
3. The site must be a static website.
4. Any CSS framework can be used.

Judgment - Selected top 5 websites review will be posted on YouTube.

How To Participate:
Register in the following link and upload your project or share GitHub/GitLab links.

DEADLINE - 21 Nov 2021

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