Web Dev Rap Track #1: Full Stack Developer

My first track has been released. Full Stack Developer.
Front End, Back End, Full Stack Developer
Front End, Back End, Full Stack Developer

I'm talking Java, not with the script
we'll learn that later, E S 6

they ain't the same
they ain't the same
you think HTMLs a programming lang

give me a break, that's a new line
the M is for markup, we need a design

let's start with that basic C S S
display flex, border radius

R G B don't forget the A
Im an alpha, number 1, not a 0 today

I'm on top of the world, I'm gonna React
a LAMP stacks not wack when it's used in the back
cached up stacked up server racks
immune to hijacks and cyber attacks
fallback config RAID 1
hot swapping drives like I own a million

So bring on haters, plus plus
I'll just keep throwin them under the bus

let discuss equal "do it my way"
hater new hater it's what they all say

every work day, the haters array gets a bigger display
so I try using ajax to keep them away

and Ill finish with this, quit actin a foo
be open source, learn something new
dark mode is life, join the crew
cause the next web developer could be you

Front End, Back End, Full Stack Developer
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