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Want to connect with Nikhil Kilivayil personally?
check: https://getmytym.com/nikhilkilivayil

Winners website links:

Shaima sharin: https://shaimasharin.github.io/personal-website-shaima/
Adhnan Shereef T: https://www.adhnanshereef.gq/
Zainul abid: http://zainu.co.in/
Jaison Dennis: https://jaisondennis.netlify.app/
Abdul Hakkeem P A: https://hakkeempa.github.io/

Brototype (Former Crossroads) is Kerala's #1 tech Youtube channel for students looking to frame a good career in the tech industry. Our mission is to make a positive change in the lives of people by providing them with valuable information and actionable steps.

We help you develop coding skills for free by providing various programming tutorials & tech-career topics in Malayalam, that helps you achieve a job in the IT industry.

To get 24/7 Technical support while watching our tutorials, Sign up for 6 months Crossroads Exclusive Membership,
Link to Sign up: https://rzp.io/l/crossroads-6Months-Exclusive

For Enquires, Contact:
Ameer: 7034395811
Kavya: 9061748014

Further, if you wish to study offline with us in an office environment, You can enroll for our Academy, Which is a 6-month offline training program where you learn coding skills & let you pay the course fee after placement.

Brocamp (former SPS): Visit https://brototype.in/
Contact Shibili: 7902606117 or Ziyaf: 87146 02027
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