Web Designing Full Course in 4 Hours | Learn Web Designing In One Video | HTML CSS Course:Urdu/Hindi

In This Video I Will Teach You full Website Designing Course In Hindi / Urdu and how to upload website free on google

Download Sublime html editer : https://www.sublimetext.com/3
Free Hosting on Google: https://www.000webhost.com/

Download Source Code: https://bit.ly/3kAyQAy

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Demo Website Tour
1:22 Uses of HTML & CSS in Web Designing
2:55 tags in html
4:16 html Practical tutorial
5:28 HTML Basic Structure
7:02 Creating Your First Web Page
9:36 Headings in html
11:47 Paragraph in html
13:00 Text Formatting
16:18 Marquee tag in html
17:30 Image in html
23:23 Video in html
29:26 Table in html
37:31 Form in html
55:59 anchor tag
01:07:20 HTML Lists, ordered list and unordered list
01:12:20 How to change Background color in html
01:16:51 Starting Website designing using html & CSS
01:17:09 Starting CSS
01:20:25 Types of CSS
01:21:14 Sublime download
01:22:39 How to use Sublime text / Why use sublime ?
01:27:06 inline CSS
01:28:49 internal CSS
01:29:57 What is CSS Selectors , idname, Tagname, Classname
01:38:52 Div Tag
01:44:32 Creating and Styling of Website
01:51:32 Margin in CSS
01:56:14 Background Image in CSS
01:57:40 CSS Background Properties
02:02:20 How to Change Text Color in Css
02:04:43 CSS Font Properties
02:26:02 Creating and designing of Form in html CSS
02:41:24 Box Shadow Property in CSS
02:44:38 Footer
02:55:50 Navigation Bar / Menu Bar in a Website
03:01:36 External CSS, Creating a new file for CSS
03:03:37 How To Link CSS File With html File
03:05:46 Hover Effects in CSS
03:09:28 Transition in CSS
03:11:59 How to make Responsive Website on Mobile, tablet & Desktop
03:12:38 CSS Media Queries
03:39:18 Final view of Website
03:40:47 How to search any html tag or CSS Property on Google
03:43:46 How to Upload Your Website on Google for FREE Domain & Hosting
03:51:52 Live Demo of Website on Google

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This Course Include
- HTML 5 and CSS 3 Complete Course In Hindi / Urdu
- Website Free Upload on Google
- Complete Custom Responsive Website
- HTML Tags
- CSS Properties
And All Html 5 Tags
- Heading tags in html
- Paragraph tag in html
- Form tag
- Table tag
- Div tag
- Image tag
- Video tag
- List tag
- Audio tag
CSS Styling Properties
- CSS Media Queries
Background color, Background Image, Color, Font Properties, Border Properties And Much More

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