Web Design...By Spiders

Do YOU know a Black Widow or Redback Spider web when you see one? Do you know any of the names given to spider webs? Watch this video to learn 4 very common spider web types and how to recognize them and the spider architects that designed them. Blak Widow (Latrodectus) webs look disorganized and look like cobwebs. Because that is what they are called. Carpet and Funnel webs look exactly as their name implies. Grass spiders are responsible for most webs of that design. The classic Orb Web is the number one most popular web structure out there, and it has influenced art, tattoos, nets, military and even arcitecture, itself. The Orb webs are beautiful and we see them all month in October as Halloween decorations. We see them in the forests, bridges, and even our front porch. Orb Weavers are what we call the spiders that make the famous Orb webs. The Bowl and Doily Spider makes one of the coolest webs found in the North Eastern United States. You NEED to watch this video to see the coolest web design in my area! #webs #spiders #spiderweb
Web design
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