Web Design vs. Web Development | The Difference Between Developers and Designers

What is web design and development? Should you think in terms of web design vs. web development for your business needs or are both necessary for success?

Expert web developer Alex answers those questions and more in this video. In under five minutes, you'll have a basic understanding of what developers and designers do so you can make the best hiring decision possible and hit your goals.

We firmly believe that both web design and web development can benefit your business. Web design focuses mainly on your site's aesthetics, while development dives deeper into how your site works. Together, these roles ensure that your website creates a great experience for users.

Hiring an agency gives you the best of both worlds. You'll have access to a team of website professionals who can manage everything from creating animated graphics to redesigning many of your pages. Plus, you'll likely get a project manager who coordinates your efforts for you.

Want to learn more about? Check out what Alex covers in the timestamps below.

⌚ Video timestamps:
00:00:00 // Introduction
00:00:37 // What is web design?
00:01:36 // What is web development?
00:02:32 // What does a web design and development agency do?
00:03:54 // Conclusion

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