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Design trends can shape everything from how designers build future iterations of everything from user interface design to websites to package design. They can also be quickly zoomed in or faded out, which makes it significant to pay attention to what's on-trend now so you don't end up with a design that quickly goes out of style.

You can understand some of the top web design trends for 2022.

#01 Fun, Optimistic Designs: 0:13

#02 Black and white Color Schemes Design: 1:28

#03 Experimental & Bold Typography: 1:30

#04 Three Dimensional Design Elements: 2:25

#05 Scrolling Text Elements: 4:02

#06 Glassmorphism: 4:54

#07 Even More Gradients: 5:20

#08 Mega Footers: 5:39


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