Web Design | Setting up A UX Portfolio (Beginner-friendly UX Design 2021)

In this video, I'll show you 5 main categories of tools and platform that you can use to build your first UX design portfolio today. There are more than 10 options you can choose from, including Figma, Medium, Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Cargo Collective, and code it by yourself!

Depending on what you need, just pick a simple one like Medium blog to start with if this is your first UX portfolio. Once you have your good projects in, you can always take your website up a notch :)

▶︎ Figma article in the video:
▶︎ Write better UX resumes (all you need to know about UX resumes)

▶︎ All my 5 UX internships and takeaways

0:00 Intro
0:52 Debrief & agenda
2:00 UX portfolio content format
4:01 UX portfolio web hosting
4:35 UX portfolio web url/domain
5:34 UX portfolio platform options

Web design
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