Web Design From Figma to WordPress | DIVI HTML CSS (Short Reel)

I'd like to share a sample of how I use Html & CSS within Builders in WordPress to properly convert a Figma design into a WordPress website.

Also, a little bit of how I approach web design with Figma before even opening WordPress, what I love about Figma is that you have essentially the same way to design as doing it with CSS, you do use the Flexbox, Grids, Root Variables, Padding, Margin, etc.
So, you have a better understanding of how to approach CSS later, as you are designing.

Not to mention that by applying this CSS to components and saving them as blocks, you can reuse them through your website.

Are you doing the same?

Would you like to see the whole process in real-time?
Please let me know in the comments
Web design
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