Web Design Coding Project Group

Web design coding is made simple and easy in this fourteen week project group. HTML and CSS, the building blocks of modern websites, will be introduced in this course, along with Figma, animation techniques, and all the necessary basics of coding. Students will explore all the possibilities of web design such as interactive navigation bars, image galleries, stylized layouts, and blended graphics. Students will also participate in challenges that will test their ability to analyze a website and replicate it with their learned knowledge of coding techniques.

This course is perfect for students of all skill levels, and no prior experience is necessary. Students will leave this project group with the knowledge of how to put forth an organized portfolio as well as work with coding languages that will be applicable in many other career fields. If you have ever had an interest in web designing, learning how to work with code, or creating a professional online presence, join the Web Design Coding project group today!

The mission of the MMC Scholars program is to create a supportive, close-knit residential community while providing students with hands on opportunities to learn digital media skills and to explore career options.

MMC Scholars Home Page: http://new.mmcscholars.com
The Ohio State University MMC Scholars Home Page: https://honors-scholars.osu.edu/scholars/programs/mmc
Web design
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