Web Design Bootcamp Lesson 1: Introduction to website design

In this first lesson of the web design Bootcamp, you will learn:
- What a website is
- Definition of some common terminologies used with respect to web design
- What hosting is
- What a domain name is and how it works
- How to structure a website
- What website building involves

00:00 - Intro to web design
00:58 - What is a website
02:48 - What is hosting
03:35 - What are webpages
05:40 - What is a domain name
06:10 - How domain names work
07:38 - Practical illustrations of the about definitions
09:47 - Structure of a website
11:05 - How are websites designed or developed
11:15 - Difference between web development and web design
13:00 - Options for website building
13:52 - The difference between a website and a blog
15:03 - What is SSL and what's its essence
16:58 - Summary


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