Web design bangla tutorial 03(File Extension show and notepad++, mozilla and google chrome download)

Web browser, code editor and file extension are discussed in this episode. We need to make a setting to show the extensions of the files on our computer. Because if you show the file extension, it will be useful to recognize the files.

File extension is the type of file. By looking at the file extension we can understand which file is created with which software. For example, if we take a picture with a mobile phone, most of the time that picture is created with the ".jpg" extension. So in this case the file extension of the image is ".jpg". Thus the image has many more file extensions. Such as: ".png", ".gip" etc. Each of these file extensions in the image has different features. For example, the quality of JPG images is relatively low than PNG file. However, the most important feature of PNG file is that if we want to remove the background of an image, we have to save the image in PNG mode. Images without background are called transparent images. The use of this transparent image is much more in the case of web design.

I will briefly discuss the extension of the video file. We are more familiar with .mp4 as an extension of video files. There are many more video file extensions. such as .mkv, .wmv, etc. We all know that we need a video player to open the videos. But not all players can play videos with all kinds of extensions.

In that case, we may need to change the file extensions a lot of the time, whether with a converter or for various reasons. Then we are more familiar with .mp3 as an extension of audio files. There are also many more extensions to audio files. We will discuss these in detail at a later time.
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