Web design bangla tutorial 02(web design tools) vs code, sublime, atom editor mozilla, google chrome

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are better for beginners. We will try to discuss these two browsers in detail. If you want to get two browsers, you will open the default browser of the computer, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. For Google Chrome browser, go to Google and search for "google chrome". Google Chrome website will come from there to download Chrome browser. Then go to Google and search "mozilla firefox" for mozilla firefox. Mozilla Firefox website will come. From there, download the Mozilla Firefox software.

A code editor is a text editor where we write code. There are many types of editors.
#Notepad Plus Plus,
#Sublime text three,
#Visual Studio code, etc

Since we are in the beginning stage. So we can use Notepad Plus Plus and visual studio code Editor. How to get this Notepad Plus Plus software. First, go to Google and search "notepad ++". Notepad Plus Plus' website will come. Download the updated version from there.

And for mobile, go to Google Play Store and search by typing Notepad Plus Plus or Acode. From there, you can install the app that looks good or that has a higher rating.
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