Web Design and Graphic Design Are Drastically Different

Check out why web design and graphic design are so different and why graphics designers don't make the best web designers unless they take the time to learn the intricacies of web design.

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00:00 - Introducing Web Design and Graphic Design Are Drastically Different
01:40 - The Pitfalls Of Graphic Designers Turned Web Designers
02:05 - The Graphic Block
02:49 - UI & UX Gone Wrong
03:21 - Organization
04:01 - Understanding The Technology
05:01 - Why Web Design Is So Different
05:32 - Search Engine Optimization
05:56 - Conversion Optimized
06:27 - UX & UI
06:40 - Social Media
07:03 - Conclusion
07:58 - Subscribe & Other Video

You'll learn why it's not such an easy leap from graphic design to web design. it's a huge mistake to place graphic designers in charge of web design because you will end up with some very odd results.

That's not to say graphic designers can't do web design, though. They can absolutely learn to do web design, but there's a lot of learning that needs to be done. Because graphic design is so different, no graphic designer should be thrown into web design without a significant ramp-up period with training and working with a long-time web designer.

This video will help you understand what graphic designers fall into doing wrong with web design if they don't take the time to learn web design. Not only that but you'll learn why web design is so different from graphic design. That means you'll have a better understanding of what web designers need to know that's different from graphic design.

Since we're engrained in the web design side of things, that's all we do and leave graphic design to the experts in that. If you're in need (or want) of a professional website that's built for local search, we're dedicated to web design excellence and local marketing.

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