Web Applications(803) Chapter 3: JavaScript Part 2

JavaScript topics conditional statements, loops and functions.
Examples discussed are available here, you can open and edit and run them to understand the topics better.
if statement: http://tpcg.io/HB0J58
if else statement: http://tpcg.io/Z08SWT
if else if else statement: http://tpcg.io/3I632B
switch case statement: http://tpcg.io/EIBYYB
for loop: http://tpcg.io/OQ3SS6
for in loop: http://tpcg.io/3U5XIX
while loop: http://tpcg.io/T51C38
do while loop: http://tpcg.io/LM4Q72
Function with no parameters and no return statement: http://tpcg.io/3S35KR
Function with arguments that does not return the result: http://tpcg.io/I6BZD8
Function with arguments that returns the result: http://tpcg.io/Z2RR6T
Global and local variables in JavaScript Functions: http://tpcg.io/5HHS8Q
Nested function: http://tpcg.io/D8FOWE
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