Watch This Before You Get Started with SketchUp Free (7 Tips)

Whether you’re a hobbyist wanting to use SketchUp for personal projects or a design professional wanting to try SketchUp Free before investing in SketchUp Pro, this video is a great way to get started. We'll show you how to access the web-based SketchUp Free, the right way to use the drawing, editing & navigation tools, and how to avoid the things that often trip up self-taught SketchUp users. Here's what we cover:

Introduction (00:00)
How to Access SketchUp Free (01:08)
1⃣ Start in 2D (02:32)
2⃣ Use the Right Mouse (03:40)
3⃣ Draw the Right Way (04:45)
4⃣ Understand Stickiness (06:52)
5⃣ Group (Almost) Everything (08:14)
6⃣ Master the Move Tool (08:55)
7⃣ Navigate Like a Pro (12:04)
Next Steps (15:38)

And we created some notes, to help you remember everything: https://sketchup.school/o96

“Your structure for presenting retainable information is remarkable. Thank you from all of us learning.” Jacob Howse
Web design
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