Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Community call – 30th of June, 2022

Viva Connections & SharePoint community call on June 30. Demos: Building custom accordion Tabs experience with rich text experiences, Using Microsoft Graph Profile API in SPFx for awards web part experience, and Adaptive Cards Extensions strategy pattern for multi-action QuickView. Project releases: Reusable SPFx React Controls – v3.8.1(GA). Delivered 2 web part samples, Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast and Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly episodes. Register for Sharing is Caring events in July – “Writing for the Web” and “Power Platform Samples Contributors.” The host of this call is Patrick Rodgers (Microsoft) | @mediocrebowler. Q&A takes place as always in chat throughout the call.

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• See the full blog post for this call in the Microsoft 365 platform community blog - https://aka.ms/m365pnp/blog
• Download invite for bi-weekly SharePoint Framework call at: https://aka.ms/spdev-spfx-call
• Microsoft 365 Unified Sample gallery - https://aka.ms/m365/samples
• Microsoft 365 Platform Community in YouTube - https://aka.ms/m365/videos
• Microsoft 365 Platform Community - http://aka.ms/m365/community
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