Visual studio code set up for web development | VSCode for HTML, CSS and JavaScript | Top extensions

This video teaches you how to set up and use visual studio code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web development. You will learn how to download, install Visual Studio Code, write HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web page layout. You will also learn how to use emmet and several other extensions for web development with visual studio code.

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:28 - How to download and install Visual Studio Code
00:00:00 - How to customize Visual Studio Code
00:11:27 - How to add extensions (emmet, live server, docker, etc) to VSCode
00:22:38 - HTML and Visual Studio Code
00:24:10 - Using live server for HTML
00:27:36 - Using CSS in VSCode
00:29:06 - Visual Studio Code for JavaScript
00:40:09 - HTML and CSS with emmet extension for web page layout
Web design
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