Visual Design for Instructional Designers with Connie Malamed

Does good visual design help learning? Or does it just make things look pretty (with little practical benefit)?

And as new or aspiring IDs, how much should we prioritize visual design upskilling?

We explore all of this (and much more) with Connie Malamed in this live Q&A session.

Connie Malamed has been creating content for instructional designers for over a decade, and her blog helped me learn more about the field back in 2017.

Connie answers our questions about visual design and shows us examples to illustrate key visual design principles, all so that you can start applying to your projects immediately to make them more polished and professional.

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0:00 Intro
3:57 Graphic design vs visual design?
8:07 How to use visuals to move a story forward?
9:46 Why IDs need visual design skills?
12:53 What is “extraneous visual information?”
19:47 Can visual design skills help when breaking into ID?
22:47 Is good visual design just making things look pretty?
24:51 How important is minimalism?
28:47 How important are current design trends in your work?
32:07 How can we improve our visual design?
38:18 What visual design principles should we know?
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