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How to write award-winning documentation? How to get buy-in for UX Writing in your company? What to expect from your UX Writer? And what is the difference in the UX Writing approach in Skoda and Kiwi? Those were the topics covered at this Prague monthly gathering of design enthusiasts called UX Monday.


00:24 Nathan Beddows | UX/UI/Design System Writer @ Škoda Auto
How to write award-winning documentation
UX Writers often find themselves working with (or in) Design System teams. Part of building a successful Design System is to document how components are used and implemented in the UI, otherwise known as "Documentation". In this presentation, UX Writer, Nathan Beddows, shares some tips and insight into writing documentation for Flow, Škoda's award-winning Design System.
Slides: https://bit.ly/NathanBeddowsUXM

34:10 Lucia Rellová | Content Designer @ Kiwi.com
How to get buy-in for UX Writing
A few examples of what generally (and also highly subjectively) does and doesn’t work when trying to show others that your work matters. This talk might be interesting for you if you’re trying to get a seat at the table — whether it’s for yourself, or for a UX role that’s still missing in your organisation.
Slides: https://bit.ly/LuciaRellovaUXM

This event was specially hosted by Adriána Rybárová, dramaturge of PRAGUE UX WRITERS MEETUPS.

Want to learn more? Join us at https://www.meetup.com/asociace-ux
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