UX Ideation Challenge: Blockchain and Web3 Powered Future CX

It's time for another project challenge. This time I'll ask you to wear design thinking and future's thinking hats to restart how the typical decentralised, blockchain and web3 powered experiences are made today.

Challenge brief/blog post mentioned in the video (available upon video go-live time): https://blog.vaexperience.com/ux-challenge-ideate-on-the-human-centred-blockchain-powered-future-user-experiences/

Scope: Research and conceptualise future customer or user experience that is truly human-centred but also powered by emerging tech: crypto, blockchain, NFT, Web3 and other decentralised information exchange principles. Research, design and produce your process, storyboards, sketches, written outlines or any other deliverables.

Deadline: 12th December 2021 - if you see this challenge later make sure to still commit and do it on your own terms regardless.
Submit your entries: [email protected]

Let the challenge begin!

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