Ux Designers, Own Your Users Silently! (7 Ways)

in this video I told you 7 of the easiest hacks that every ux designer can use to own your user silently.

for every ui designer watching Ui/ux design tutorial is a crucial thing to do. by doing that, you'll be able to learn ux design and boost your creativity. by increasing creativity, you'll be able to hook your users.

but the thing is, don't use your tools too much. so, here you have to be wise and plan your strategies wisely. why? because by watching these ux design tutorials, you'll understand ui and ux design examples and will be aware of ui design examples.

anyway, every video I post ux design course free and I hope that I could be able to help you with your ux design training. in the end, don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you'll be able to watch more Ux design tutorial for beginners and basically, any Ui/ux design tutorial. and don't forget that I will tell you ui design principles for free.

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00:00 intro
00:44 ui design tips: numer 1
01:38 ux design tips number 2
03:42 ux design tip number 3
04:30 ux tip number 4
05:55 ui/ux design tip 5
07:38 number 6
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