UX Design Tutorial For Beginners | ( Course 1/7 ) Foundations User Experience Design

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0:00:00 Welcome to the Google UX Design Certificate
0:05:33 Introduction to Course 1 Foundations of User Experience Design
0:07:39 Michael - Get Started in UX design
0:10:05 The basics of user experience design
0:15:03 Jobs in the field of user experience
0:20:18 Design for a good user experience
0:23:40 job responsibilities of entry-level UX Designers
0:27:37 Dane - A day in the life of an entry-level UX Designer
0:30:07 Specialists, generalists, and T-shaped designers
0:33:52 Erika - Generalists or specialist designer
0:37:49 Work in a cross-functional team
0:40:07 UX design jobs at different types of companies
0:44:04 From Certificate to career success
0:46:33 Juan - A UX design career Journey
0:51:02 Mike - A UX design career journey
0:54:11 Wrap-up Introduction user experience design

0:55:18 Welcome to week 2
0:56:27 Define the user, end user, and user experience
0:59:07 Prioritize the user
1:02:10 Key frameworks in UX design
1:07:04 Universal design, inclusive design, and equity-fucused design
1:16:02 The importance of accessibility
1:21:40 The importance of Equity-focused design
1:27:26 Design for the Next Billion Users
1:32:31 Akhil - A Perspective on the Next Billion Users
1:35:38 The advantages of UX design tools
1:37:38 Get to know platforms
1:40:08 Design for different platforms
1:44:22 Assistive technology
1:50:07 Elise - The importance of assistive technology
1:54:22 Introduction to design Sprints
1:57:46 Five Phase of design Sprints
2:02:56 Benefits of design Sprints
2:04:57 Plan design Sprints
2:09:27 The design Sprint brief
2:12:21 An entry-level designer's role in a sprint
2:16:10 Jason - All about design sprints
2:17:45 Design sprint retrospectives

2:20:06 Welcome to week 4
2:20:45 Lisa - Create a UX design portfolio
2:22:44 Introduction to UX design portfolios
2:24:48 Introduction to Website Builders
2:29:25 Introduction to best practices for UX design portfolios
2:36:03 Explore personal Brands
2:39:56 Start to build an online presence
2:43:09 Create or update social media profiles
2:48:26 Gel involved in UX design communities
2:53:25 Use writing best practices in a portfolio
2:58:15 Network and find a mentor
3:03:50 Overcome imposter syndrome
3:12:09 Congratulation on completing Course 1 Foundation of user Experience Design

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design is the first of a series of seven courses that will equip you with the skills needed to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience design. UX designers focus on the interactions that people have with products like websites, mobile apps, and physical objects. UX designers make those everyday interactions usable, enjoyable, and accessible. The role of an entry-level UX designer might include empathizing with users, defining their pain points, coming up with ideas for design solutions, creating wireframes, prototypes, and mockups, and testing designs to get feedback.

Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. No previous experience is necessary.

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⌨️ The creator of this course is Google ( Team: Grow with Google )
⌨️ For earning certificate https://www.coursera.org/professional...
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