UX Design For Beginners: Course 1-Foundations User Experience Design

This is the first out of seven courses of Google UX design.
As requested by our audience, this is a complete video so that you don't have to wait and scroll to the next one.
We would like to acknowledge and thank you google for this course.
Designers of user experience (UX) concentrate on how users interact with things such as websites, applications, and physical objects. They make those commonplace exchanges more helpful, pleasurable, and accessible.

Gain in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level career over the course of seven courses. You can complete the certificate in fewer than 6 months if you work less than 10 hours each week.

You'll use paper and digital design tools like Figma and Adobe XD to develop your designs. You'll have a professional UX portfolio with three end-to-end projects by the end of the certificate programme, and you'll be ready to apply for jobs. After completing the course, you'll be able to apply for positions with Google and over 130 other companies in the United States, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.
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