UX Bites by Fathom: Webinar #14 - From temporary design trends to timeless design principles

The world wide web has been with us for 10,000 days and has seen drastic change in its lifetime. Digital design has evolved hugely since the early 1990s, from the “brochure on a computer” phase in the mid 1990s, graphically heavy table-based websites in the early 00s, the impact of mobile (and responsive design) in the late 00s, and the gradual move of user-centred design from the fringes to the mainstream from 2010 onward.

So why does so much digital design remain so bad? Why are we still making the mistakes in 2021 that we made in 1996? This session will explore what limits and restricts design and what we can do about it in order to build more effective products for ourselves, our clients and our users.

It is a call to arms, to move beyond the latest trends and fads in designs, to get to the timeless principles which drive effective high-performing design.

Speaker: Gareth Dunlop, CEO and Founder at Fathom
Web design
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