Using Web Design to Turn Website Users into Customers

A site that looks great may keep a user's interest longer, but a site that functions well is going to keep that same user long enough to become a customer. In order for your website to help bring in customers, a good user experience is necessary.

Can your site user's see and experience what they need to do next? As a site manager, you know what path you want your customer to take. The web development of the site involves how that process happens. However, the way we provide the site user with that information is largely a process of web design. You want the user to clearly and easily see and understand the process towards converting (submitting a form submission, making an appointment, etc).

For example, if you want your website user to make an appointment via your website, a good program that easily allows them to choose a day/time/reason for their appointment involved having great web development. On the other hand, displaying how to complete that process and making that process as clear and user-friendly as possible for the site user is through the process of web design.

In short, the combination of good web development, clear design, and ease of user experience will help turn more website users into converting (or paying) customers for your business.

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