Using jQuery - Week 6 - Becoming a Web Developer

In this video we will look at jQuery and it's uses. You can do everything you can with JavaScript but it's much less code to do so!

I believe in democratizing information and eliminating gatekeeping. Becoming a software engineer has helped my life out a lot and I want it to help yours as well!!

Feel free to make suggestions because I can always add on to this course.

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0:00 Introduction to jQuery
8:36 jQuery Examples: Hide(), Show(), FadeOut(), FadeIn(), SlideUp(), SlideDown()
23:24 jQuery Examples: animate(), attr(), width()
31:48 jQuery and CSS: Change And Add a Class, Remove a Class
38:00 jQuery and DOM Manipulation: Remove Text From Element, Remove Element From DOM, Remove Attribute, Add Attribute
43:09 jQuery and Adding Content to Our Page
53:45 jQuery DOM Traversing: parent, parents, siblings

#jquery #javascript #software
Web design
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