User profiles in PHP with source code | Login & Signup | AJAX, Javascript, Bootstrap responsive css

Lets create user profiles with CRUD functionality, i.e create profile, edit and delete, plus login and signup functionality too in PHP, Javascript and AJAX. We're also going to use bootstrap for out css. #php #phpprojectwithsourcecode #ajax #responsive_web_design

Source code:

00:00 Intro
05:45 Creating files
14:40 Profile page design
36:30 Edit page design
54:50 Login page design
01:00:40 Signup page design
01:09:35 Using AJAX
01:49:00 Signup code
02:16:40 Connect to database
02:34:40 Login code
03:03:20 Profile code
03:20:50 Profile edit code
03:47:40 Uploading images
04:14:00 Profile delete code
04:26:30 Users page

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