User Interface Design Trends in 2022


Some things are so well-designed that we don’t notice them anymore.

Our experience of them is invisible, almost beyond form and function- unless they break. The same holds true for Web design. Users stop noticing Web design if it works. Users keep seeing design if it’s broken or when it gets in the way.

A good design strikes a balance between elegance and invisibility. Invisible design relates to function and purpose rather than appearance.

Invisible design is about the decisions we make about what goes into a product, what stays out, and how to get users through the experience as efficiently as possible. If those decisions are made well, and users can do what they need to do without scratching their heads about where to go next — that’s when you get an invisible design that works well.

In this video, we will talk about the trending UI designs you should look forward to in 2022. We'll cover:
00:32 What is User Interface Design
01:32 Design Trends in 2022
01:37 Dark Mode
02:08 Neopmorphism or Soft UI
02:37 Bold Typography
03:17 Animations
03:51 3D
04:39 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
05:15 How Flying Donkey Can Help

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