Useful Tools For Web Developers | Web Development Course in Hindi #5

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This is Complete Web Development Course in Hindi.
and in This Video We Are Going To Talk About Web Development Complete Tools Setup on Windows 11. useful tools for web developers.
and More on That is Covered in This Video.

Complete Web Development Course in Hindi:
Playlist Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIsQ7YQAzgRjydhRMnfnQfFmxnt4i9AJ4

In Simple Terms ,

if Web developer Have Best Tool in Market.Then Level of Productivity is Insane.

This Video is All About Setting Up Our Pc For Web development.

first tool is Chrome Browser On Which We Will Run Our Website. Chrome is Very Popular Among The Developers.

Second tool is Vs Code, Code Editor is The Main Tool To Write Code.Vs code have tons of extension.

Final Words,
Using Browser With VS Code is Enough to Become Successful web developer

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5. How They All Used To Build A Website

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