Use This Editor X Template to Create Your Own Link in Bio Page in Minutes!

Want to know how to design a link in bio page with no code, no monthly subscription, and little time?
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Heard of LinkTree? It’s a service that allows you to create a page for your Instagram bio which will allow viewers to click on other links and resources you might offer. You can have a single link in your bio, but what if this link changes often? What if you have more links you’d like to showcase? There are lots of services out there like this LinkTree that solve these problems. However, you can easily create link in bio pages with a simple page builder like Editor X. With my new Editor X link in bio template, you can create a page for your Instagram bio in minutes, I call it LinKit.

In today’s video, you’ll see how I create my own custom Instagram link in bio page. This is a speed build, where you’ll see me design the library template that I’m sharing with you. Without a link in bio page, you’re not going to be adding links on Instagram in any orderly and seamless fashion. But with my library template in Editor X, you’ll see how to design your own link in bio page, and how easy it can be. Make an Editor X account, click the link to get the template, and replace colors, images, text, and links.

Make your own Editor X link in bio page with the cloneable template here:

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