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It’s time to update your website. If you’re thinking, “But I just updated it last year!” then it’s time for an even bigger web design overhaul than before. It is 2022 and web design trends are constantly changing! If your site looks outdated or unprofessional, then customers will be turned off by the experience and bounce right out of your website without even considering what you have to offer. You must take the time now to make these changes so that the future success of the business is not compromised.

Today, web design has become more about user experience than ever before. This means that web designers are not focusing solely on the aesthetics of their sites, but also on how people interact with them and where they want visitors to navigate within the website. You can learn a lot from your web analytics because you’ll be able to see what pages people visit most often, which will help you determine what information should go first for users to stay interested. Another important factor is having social media share buttons prominently displayed at the top of each page; nowadays it’s about engaging an audience through various online platforms like Facebook or Instagram as well as sharing blog posts via Twitter!

If there was one thing I would recommend above all else regarding web design trends in 2022, it would be to have a mobile-friendly website. It is now more important than ever before for web designers to consider the small screen of cell phones as well as tablets, with statistics showing that people will not wait around on a site that isn’t “mobile-friendly”. Google has even begun penalizing those who don’t have an optimized website for mobile devices!

To better serve customers in 2022 and beyond, web design needs to become user experience focused; web designers need to focus on how users navigate through their sites rather than simply creating something visually appealing. To obtain this goal, web developers must take into account what pages visitors are engaging most often (based on analytics) and make sure that social media sharing buttons are prominently displayed.

There are some differing opinions about placing social media buttons at the top of a web page. Some say counterproductive to invite your website visitors to leave your page right away. I believe you should have your social media buttons at the top of your pages and that the buttons should open a new tab. You are demonstrating that you are actively engaged in social media and providing an easy way to navigate to those sites without them “losing” your website in the process.

Mobile Website Traffic
Mobile-friendly web design is also more important than ever before, as Google has begun penalizing those who don’t update their web designs to accommodate mobile devices. Web developers need to focus on how web visitors navigate through their sites rather than only creating a visually appealing website. To serve customers in 2022, web design needs to become user-experience focused and web designers should consider the small screen of cell phones as well as tablets when designing websites.

Do you know how much of your website traffic comes from mobile devices? You should! Sometimes these numbers will surprise you. We review website analytics recently with one of our customers and they were astonished to learn that nearly 90% of their traffic came from smartphones. Ninety Percent! That makes it pretty simple for them to understand where to focus all of the design attention.

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, we would love the opportunity to review your current site and your needs and wants for an updated website. You can send us some specifics by using our Onboarding Form. And don’t let the form name scare you off – there is absolutely ZERO obligation or cost involved. Just an honest evaluation and answers to your questions.


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