Unusual But Awesome WayTo Get Recurring Revenue [for web designers]

Get Started With Local Service Ads

If you're a web designer, you're crazy if you don't offer ways to bring in recurring revenue for your business. Most web designers focus really heavily on SEO and WordPress maintenance plans. The problem is, clients are becoming increasingly less likely to sign up for those services. They think SEO takes too long and if anything goes wrong with their website, they'll call you.

A lot of web designers don't want to become Google Ads gurus because learning the Google Ads platform is somewhat complicated. It's also time-consuming to manage all the details of a successful Google Ads campaign.

Here's an easy way to add tremendous value to your projects without having to master a new, complicated skill set. I'll also tell you how to get your first client onboard without feeling awkward offering a service you haven't ever done before.

If you're a web designer or WordPress developer and you're looking to get into digital marketing, this is a great first step.

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05:16 Getting Your First Client
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