Understanding Trongate's Unique Approach To Security

I was recently asked a question about how Trongate handles things like security and logging people in. The short answer is, I don't think it's for the framework to get involved with that kind of thing. I do not believe in a 'Trongate way of logging people in' or a 'Trongate way of handling tokens'.

Instead, Trongate gives you a blank canvas to add any security or login protocol that you like. One thing that seems quite obvious to me, at this stage, is that the way people log into sites is changing. So, it makes sense to leave that kind of thing open-ended.

In this video I'll give you a demonstration of how I see this kind of thing playing out, with Trongate. What you're about to see here is something that I'm very excited about and I've been working on it for a long time. This is sort of a world first, actually.

What you're looking at here will be released on Monday or Tuesday.

I really hope you like it.
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