Understanding Carbon Offsets: Benefits, Pitfalls, and What Will Really Facilitate Net-Zero

Demand for carbon offsets — from both consumers and companies — is higher than ever. Consumers like buying them to offset their own carbon footprints, and corporations rely heavily on them to achieve net-zero goals until their supply chains can truly decarbonize. But a lack of transparency from some carbon-offset projects have given offsets a patchy reputation. What is the best way to understand if your carbon offset is really working? Are direct air capture offsets more reliable than ones dependent on forests that could one day burn? And how can companies more effectively incorporate regulated, quality offset programs into their business to meet the demands of people and the planet?

This conversation was part of the 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival.

Greg Gershuny, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Program, Aspen Institute

Bill Leslie, CEO, Soli Solutions

Linda Kelly, Senior Vice President, Programs and Partnerships, Carbonfund.org

Kristina Friedman, Head of Global ESG Strategy, PayPal

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