Understand Relative and Absolute File Paths | 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp

This is Episode 5 of Day 24 of "100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2022" [Master Python by building 100 projects in 100 days. Learn to build websites, games, apps, plus scraping and data science].

Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:
• Python 3 - the latest version of Python
• PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Google Colab
• Python Scripting and Automation
• Python Game Development
• Web Scraping
• Beautiful Soup
• Selenium Web Driver
• Request
• WTForms
• Data Science
• Pandas
• NumPy
• Matplotlib
• Plotly
• Scikit learn
• Seaborn
• Turtle
• Python GUI Desktop App Development
• Tkinter
• Front-End Web Development
• HTML 5
• CSS 3
• Bootstrap 4
• Bash Command Line
• Git, GitHub and Version Control
• Backend Web Development
• Flask
• APIs
• Databases
• SQLite
• PostgreSQL
• Authentication
• Web Design
• Deployment with GitHub Pages, Heroku and GUnicorn
• and much much more!

This course is created by Dr. Angela Yu

The material reference given in the course can be downloaded from this link:

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