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Learn Real UI UX Design in Depth from Scratch from Top Rated UI UX Design Schools in India.
we provides UI/UX design courses in Pune, Nagpur and web design training. It's a comprehensive course and includes practical training as well.
UI/UX Training Program for Graphic Designers & Illustrators who want to upskill to UI/UX. Master Creativity, Graphic Designing, UI, UX
UIUx training in pune
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UI/UX Training Program for Graphic Designers & Illustrators who want to upskill to UI/UX. Master Creativity, Graphic Designing, UI, UX
UX research, design thinking, UI prototyping, styling, usability, testing and more. Hands-on learning via real-life innovation projects. Live online classes

UI/UX Design Certification Advantage

This UI/UX Design course offers a comprehensive curriculum and applied learning experience to make you career-ready upon completion. By the end of this course, you will build the essential skills you need to launch a UI/UX designer career.

With this UI/UX Design training, you will:

Collect and analyze data to create data-driven UI designs and user experiences

Build an impressive design portfolio with effective and compelling designs that showcase your brand to the world

Design digital experiences that bring user satisfaction, user loyalty, and product success

Test the usability of a design through usability evaluations and cognitive walk-throughs

Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate

About UX

What is User Experience

Concept of UX

Trends in UX

What is User Interaction

Mental Model

Cognitive Model in UX

Emerging Technologies in UX

What is UX Design and Where is Used

Elements of UX Design

Elements used in User Experience Design.

How it Work Together.

What is Big Picture?

What is Persona in UX Design

6 Stages used to design in UX

Heuristic Evalution

More About 6 Stages

Introduction and Defination on 6 Stages of Design Process

6 Design Steps in UX

Why we used 6 Stages in UX

Competitor Analysis in 6D

Heuristic Evalution

10 Usability Heristic Evaluton Law for UX Design

How we used Heuristic Evalution

Case Studies of Competitor

User Research

Benefits and Introduction on User REsearch

Elements that used in User Research

Process in User Research

User Interview

Modern Day User Research Methods

UX Design Process

What is Research in User Experience Design?

Tools and Method used for Research

User Needs and its Goals

Know about Business Goals

How to deliver a research and  it phases.

UX Design Process

Visual Design Principles

Information Design and Data Visualization

Interaction Design

Information Architecture

Wire framing & Storyboarding

Elements and Widgets

Screen Design and Layouts

Hands-on Assignments and Quiz

UX Design Process

Design Testing Methods and Techniques.

Usability Testing – Types and Process

Create plan for the Usability

What is Tests?

What is Prototype and how we design it.

Various Prototyping Tools

How to prepare Usability Testing?

How to understand & refine Usability Test Results?

UX Improvement Process

Understanding the Usability Test findings

Applying the Usability Test feedback in

improving the design

UX Delivery Process

How to communicate with implementation team

UX Deliverables and its process

UX Projects

Web Projects

Android and IOS


POS System

Interface and Product Design


UX Tools





Adobe XD



Flow Map


Visual Sitemaps

Wireframe CC

Optimal Workshop

Web design
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