UI/UX Global Summit'22 - Entry-level day | Part 2

What's new in UI/UX in 2022

Part 1: https://youtu.be/ixaAU9GzdCM

Agenda: https://geekle.us/schedule/ui
Full Access tickets: https://events.geekle.us/ui/
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00:00:00 Starting Part 2
00:04:58 Freelancer to Agency Owner
00:36:06 How to start freelancing and scale it to 6 figures
01:07:23 Create the UX career you’re looking for
01:40:37 How To Stay Competitive in a Saturated Market As A Designer
02:09:28 Q&A Session with Rabeea Wajeeha, Kerim Al-Lami, Berjesty Kozanoglu and Stella Guan
02:25:39 Break
02:39:36 Eyetracking - why is gaze interaction important?
03:11:30 Becoming an Accessibility Superhero
03:42:25 Communicating the Value of UX
04:10:29 Q&A Session with Piotr Chynał, Stephy Hogan and Ben Woods
04:25:05 Break
04:36:25 Building Empathy Through Research & Design: Two Case Studies
05:06:35 1, 2, 3: Rules for Better Mobile Touchscreen Design
05:41:58 Building a Design System
06:14:54 Q&A Session with Erica Newcomb, Steven Hoober and Mariel Partida Arias

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